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The Pepper Owl by Jesper Wolff

The Pepper Owl is a high-quality pepper grinder that uses the esteemed ceramic grinder from CrushGrind. 

It is made from maple wood, mahogany and walnut. Usable and decorative pepper grinder With this cosy grinder, Jesper Wolff has transplanted Nordic wildlife into the kitchen, living room, or where ever you feel like placing your Pepper Owl. 

The Pepper Owl assumes its place with ease in the kitchen, on the dining table or as an adornment in the living room or kid’s room. It creates life and humour – and is the perfect embodiment of functional art, being both usable and decorative.

We love ❤️!

Marke  Spring Copenhagen
Masse  L: 7 cm / H: 13 cm / B: 7 cm

Lieferzeit: 3 - 4 Tage
Gratis Lieferung ab CHF 100.-
Bei diesem Artikel fallen unabhängig vom Warenwert Transportkosten an, da er per Spedition versendet werden muss.

2 Stück an Lager

CHF 95.00